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Bank Accounts

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like a new….bank account?

It’s not the most exciting thing that you could wish for, but switching your account can provide you with rewards. A lot of banks offer up to £150 for switching, or cashback on purchases.

If you don’t have a bank or building society account, opening one can help you a lot. For example, having your earnings/benefits paid into your bank account can give you the option to pay your rent and bills by direct debit — sometimes, this can mean you get a discount on your bills! Better yet, you don’t have to stress about contacting your providers on time, or rushing to get to the nearest PayPoint.



Protect New Gifts — Get Insured!

The post Christmas slump – the food has been eaten, the presents have been opened, but did Santa bring you any electronics this year?

Hopefully, things like mobile phones or game consoles will last a while, but it might be worth getting some insurance, just in case. Home contents insurance can protect your gadgets, electrical items, furniture, clothing, white goods — pretty much everything you own, except for the building itself!

As a housing association, we do encourage our tenants to take out home contents insurance to protect themselves from damage like fire, floods, and theft. My Home Contents Insurance  is specifically for tenants in social housing, but you can compare different providers at comparison websites

Also, those gadgets Santa left under the Christmas tree? Check he also left warranties, in case they don’t last till the New Year. (Not that we don’t trust Santa, of course…)



Count The Pennies, Make The Pounds

Christmas 2021 may be over but our Money Advice team are thinking ahead to next Christmas!

Sound odd? Well, maybe…but planning ahead — even a year ahead — can help alleviate stress and reduce costs.

So, how about setting some New Year’s resolutions?

  • Start Small
    Maybe collect loose change — one of our top hacks is putting aside £2 coins until you’ve got £20, then using that to treat yourself to something special.
  • Savings Account
    Look into a savings account. Cardiff & Vale Credit Union  offer savings accounts, and low cost loans, which are helpful for emergencies.
  • Universal Credit
    Are you claiming Universal Credit? Well, you might not know about the Help To Save scheme, where the government gives you 50p for every £1 save.


Couch to Financial Fitness!

The final thing we’re going to share could be just the thing if you’ve set yourself the New Year resolution to get yourself money fit  an online guide to get better at managing money.

It’s through the government’s Money Helper  website, and it’s called Couch to Financial Fitness. It’s a ten week plan to help build your confidence and create better money habits. If online learning doesn’t interest you, our Money Advice team can offer money skill sessions, either face to face or online.




Want to chat about saving accounts? Worried about what ID you need to open a bank account? Concerned about getting into trouble with overdrafts and fees? Fear not — our Money Advice team can talk through your options with you, including discussing basic bank accounts which can be better for people with low credit scores. Get in touch today.