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We are a values based organisation. We know that skills and abilities only make up so much of your job role. We are passionate about people and want a team based on who you are, as well as what you do.

Our values form the core of who we are.


We act with bravery in the interest of colleagues and the communities in which we work. We do so through the following behaviours:

  • Collaboration  
  • Focusing on Results  
  • Decisiveness  
  • Determination 

We show care for the community, customers and our people. We do so through the following behaviours: 

  • Helpfulness  
  • Motivation  
  • Customer focused 
  • Passion 

We are genuine and remain true to our values. We work hard to address inequalities through the following behaviours: 

  • Leadership  
  • Mentorship  
  • Taking Initiative  
  • Vision 
Jonny shakes Mark's hand with the rest of the team beside them

We are truthful and honest in communications. We show loyalty, fairness, and sincerity through the following behaviours: 

  • Communication  
  • Accountability 
  • Adaptability  
  • Problem Solving 

We understand and engage effectively with the communities we work with, and each other, through the following behaviours: 

  • Team working 
  • Inspiring 
  • Visionaries

We act with openness and transparency through the following behaviours: 

  • Collaboration  
  • Integrity 
  • Communicating effectively 
  • Passion