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Your daily needs shape the way that you live and move around in your home. Sometimes, the need to have adaptations in your home will remove the barriers that can stop you from living comfortably.


Some of our homes have already been altered to meet the needs of tenants who have a disability, mobility issues, or need some extra help getting around, but some have not. If you need any changes made to your home to help you on a day-to-day basis, please contact us, contact Cardiff Accessible Homes, or speak to your Tenancy Officer to tell us what you need. This will allow us to explore options together related to your personal needs.

In some cases, we will apply for funding so we can do the work needed. This funding is called a Physical Adaptation Grant (PAG)

When we have talked about your needs and what you feel needs to be changed in the property, an independent surveyor and Occupational Therapist will come and look at your home to make sure that your space is suitable for the changes requested.

If the independent surveyor and Occupational Therapist decide that your specific adaptations can be made in your home, and we know that you have been living in the property for more than six months, then we will help you with the funding application process.

Sometimes, if your home cannot be changed in the way that you need it to, we may think about a transfer to a home that already has the adaptations you’ve asked for. We will always keep you informed throughout this time to make sure you know exactly what is happening.


If the Occupational Therapist and independent surveyor agree that you would be severely hindered if the changes requested are not to be installed, and the changes needed in your home are for the long term, then the requested changes can commence.


However, there are certain situations which will means certain changes cannot be installed. For example:

  • You’ve requested a level access shower but you live in a flat that’s not on the ground floor, and there is no lift access. As a result, we will support you in contacting Cardiff Council to find you a suitable property;
  • You’ve requested that the bath be removed and replaced with a shower, but you live in a home designed for families.

If you are successful in your adaptation application, the changes you have requested will be placed on a priority list based on the date the request was received, and the risk banding it has been allocated.

If the changes are unsuitable for your home, then you will be given access to Cardiff Council’s common waiting list  and given full details of HomeSwapper

Types of Adaptions

Minor adaptations are classed as any adaptation below £250. These adaptations will usually be carried out on receipt of a referral from an Occupational Therapist, or a Social Care Service. The following are examples of minor adaptations:

  • Lever taps;
  • Grab rails;
  • Door entry systems;
  • Half steps;
  • Small ramps.

Adaptation work costing £250 and over is classed as major adaptation. This will only be carried out once a referral has been received from Social Care Services, and a decision has been made by the Welsh Assembly in regards to funding the required works.

The following are examples of major adaptations:

  • Level access showers;
  • Major structural conversions;
  • Stair lifts;
  • Kitchen alterations;
  • Ramped access for wheelchair users;
  • Through floor lifts.

If any of the above major adaptions are required, and they are feasible, applicants will be referred to Cardiff Accessible Homes for a full and thorough independent assessment.