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All housing associations in Wales are regulated by the Welsh Government. To be a great housing association in Wales, we have five strategic objectives. These are our goals to become the best that we can be. 

Our objectives outline how we serve our communities and leave a positive legacy in Cardiff. Our tenants and communities remain our highest priority. Through listening to our tenants, we have defined our goals and values. Together, we have worked hard to determine what sort of organisation we want to be.

As part of our five year strategy, we aim to be...

We aim to be more than just a landlord. We want to provide great homes and excellent services for our tenants. We know that providing opportunities for tenants’ voices to be heard is the key to our success. 

To be a caring landlord, we will…

  • Understand the needs of our tenants and communities so that we can tailor our services to meet them;
  • Work with communities to make sure neighbourhoods are great places to live;
  • Ensure our tenants love living in their homes.

We are committed to working with our tenants to provide opportunities to access employment,  training, and  volunteering.  We also work to make a difference to our communities by tackling poverty and improving wellbeing.

We will act as a community champion and anchor organisation by…

  • Making sure the neighbourhoods we work in are safe, clean and enjoyable for all;
  • Providing opportunities for the wider community to feel included, involved, and to flourish.
Joni stands next to a tenant at the front door of a house. She is handing over the keys to the new property. Both are smiling at the camera.

We value our staff and see them as our biggest asset. They are more than just a job title. They have talents, interests, and hobbies that extend far beyond the nine-to-five. We are committed to expanding our diverse workforce to represent the communities that we serve and work with. 

We will be an employer of choice by…

  • Encouraging applications from potential candidates who are representative of the communities we serve;
  • Being an organisation that our colleagues love to work for;
  • Ensuring that CCHA remains a stable and robust organisation for the future.
Donna and Afshan sit on opposite sides of the table. Both are looking into the camera and smiling.

We work in partnership to develop new homes that contribute to our neighbourhoods and meet the diverse housing needs of the future. Our aim is to build homes that our tenants love to live in. These homes are built in line with the Welsh Government decarbonisation policy. 

We will be an exceptional builder of affordable homes by…

  • Looking for ways to build more affordable housing;
  • Considering if we can develop larger properties to meet local housing need (on a site-by-site basis);
  • Signing up to the place-making charter, developing homes using liveability and place-making principles;
  • Supporting opportunities for regeneration;
  • Committing to our current homebuilding programme.
A row of terraced houses

For us to be a successful housing association, it’s important to have good governance. It sets standards of leadership and control. It also helps our board to define the values by which the organisation will operate.  

We will be an organisation that sets the standard in governance by…

  • Strengthening our board, and our assurances to them;
  • Making sure people understand the role of our board and who our board members are;
  • Making sure our board are visible and accessible.
Mike stands next to a CCHA tenant. Both are smiling at the camera.