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Pest control is important for your home. Household pests can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether it’s fleas, bedbugs, mice, or rats, a home with pests isn’t a pleasant experience. Learn the best and easiest way to prevent pesky visitors with our top tips below!

Remember: preventing pest infestation is your responsibility as a CCHA tenant. This includes arranging any pest control services. We do not provide a rechargeable service for the treatment of pests. If you need help with the treatment of pests, you can contact the experts at Cardiff Pest Control on 029 2087 2934 or 029 2087 2935. You can also contact Cardiff Pest Control online

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What are pests?

Examples of common household pests:

  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs
  • Flies
  • Rats & Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps
  • Slugs
  • Ants
  • Silverfish

Top Tips for Pest Prevention


1. Keep Your Kitchen Squeaky Clean

Left over food is a magnet for cockroaches, slugs, ants, and rodents. Make sure to empty your food recycling bin regularly, and never let it overflow. Keep it away from any doors, and on a shelf if possible, as this stops small insects from entering your home and feeding off the waste. Disposing any uneaten pet food as soon as possible is also importanct as this stops your home looking very attractive to unwanted pests! 


2. Air It Out

Silverfish are harmless but find damp homes very cosy to live in. To stop them moving in, regularly open your windows, use the ventilation fans when you bath or shower, and turn on the cooker hood. All these measures work wonders for keeping your home damp and mould free. (If you need some extra tips, check out our damp and mould prevention tips.) 


3. Pests on Pets

Flea infestations are difficult to tackle but very easy to prevent. No matter how much we adore our four-legged family members, cats can bring fleas into the home from their daily adventures. Dogs and birds can also harbour these unwanted visitors. Always remember to treat your pet with a flea treatment, wash pet bedding regularly, and use a strong suction vacuum cleaner. If you only see one flea in the home, treat it immediately and take no chances. Fleas can multiply very quickly, laying up to 20 – 50 eggs in one day.


4. Early Birds Attract The Worms

Although it’s tempting to put your rubbish out early and get it out of the way, only put your rubbish out for collection on rubbish day. Any earlier and your rubbish bags will begin to look like a meal for rodents or, as we are all aware, the Cardiff seagulls! It always helps to wash out bins, too. This stops any debris from collecting in the bottom. If you’re not sure when your collection days are, you can check the Cardiff Council website


5. Need Extra Help? Call The Experts!

If you have any concerns you’ve got an infestation, call Cardiff Pest Control on 029 2087 2934 or 029 2087 2935. Alternatively, you can contact them online