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Corporate Leadership Team, Senior Management, the Big Cheeses, or the Top Bananas…

Whatever your preferred name, they help to steer CCHA and each bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to their role. They are zealous in their efforts to ensure that tenants are able to thrive in their communities, and desire that the services our tenants and communities receive are the best they can be.

Hayley Selway is the Chief Executive of CCHA. Previously, she worked at Taff Housing where she was responsible for landlord services, development, tenant engagement, partnerships, and repairs. Ultimately, she knows her stuff when it comes to the many areas of housing.

When she’s not Chief Executive-ing at CCHA, you can find her out in the garden looking after her very lively chickens, or convincing her dog Monty that he’s no longer a puppy and really can’t fit onto her lap anymore.

A selfie of Hayley Selway smiling

Brian Pickett is our Director of Central Services. He’s a fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, having qualified in 1994 and more recently obtained an executive MBA from Warwick Business School. He also worked at the Welsh Government, where he was the Head of Innovative Funding for Housing and Regeneration. He’s definitely got the brains for numbers!

Brian is a self-confessed music fanatic and a connoisseur of rock and roll, happily chatting to anyone about the best albums from the decades. He also plays in a band, specialising in rock covers, and has been known to take to the stage himself on a night out if there’s an empty microphone and willing audience.

A selfie of Brian Pickett smiling

Jonathan Jones, better known to all as Jonny, joined CCHA in October 2019 and became CCHA’s Corporate Director of Assets and Property. Prior to this, he’s worked in the housing sector since 2010, having held senior positions Taff Housing Association. In 2021, Jonny mobilised our internal repairs team of 15 trades persons to directly deliver responsive repairs for CCHA, co-producing service standards with CCHA’s resident group. He is currently co-producing an internal estates and grounds maintenance team following his service charge review with residents and leaseholders.

On behalf of CCHA, he works with colleagues across Wales in the Community Housing Cymru network and is also part of the Carbon Literacy Cartrefi Cymru Consortium. Jonny is a member of the WHQS working group responsible for developing the emerging new set of WHQS standards. Jonny is responsible for securing funding for CCHA residents through the High Rise Residential Building Fund and Welsh Governments Optimised Retrofit Programmes, helping to make residents homes safer and more energy efficient.

Jonny puts all of us to shame at CCHA with his strong athletic streak, having played football for Cardiff City Academy at different ages from 1994-1999. When he stepped back from the pitch, he was in front of the cameras having featured on BBC’s Pointless and the National Lottery Secret Fortune, as well as Channel 4’s 100K Drop. What he enjoys most, however, is spending time with his family, visiting the gym, and reading a good book.

A selfie of Jonny Jones smiling

Our lovely Liz has over 20 years experience working in social housing sector and is our Director of People and Places. She previously worked as a senior leader for Bron Afon Community Housing for eight years, and has experience of providing change management and strategic direction for a wide range of housing related services, community engagement, and development. Liz is a passionate powerhouse when it comes to improving customer experience and outcomes for people living in Wales, making sure that tenants get the best of the best.

A selfie of Liz Evans smiling