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We want your home to be comfortable to live in. Therefore, understanding the condition of your home is important so that we are able to plan for future repairs and improvements.

As a housing association, we abide by the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) which sets the standard for items within your home. At least every five years, we will visit your home to carry out a condition survey of areas such as kitchen, bathroom, windows, and doors. We will also check how energy efficient your home is. With the information we gain from this survey, we can begin to plan necessary maintenance to ensure that your home meets your needs now, and in the future.

Home condition surveys or, as we know them, stock condition surveys, are thorough and in-depth. As a result, we may take pictures, measure certain areas, and even check up  inside your attic space. Please don’t worry about this; we are making sure that everything is as it should be to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible.

We expect some of the larger components in your home to last a certain amount of time before they are replaced.* Therefore, we only consider replacing these components after a certain amount of years have elapsed. Nevertheless, we recognise that some components may deteriorate faster than others which is why we remain vigilant and check your home thoroughly when we complete our surveys.

It is important that these stock conditions surveys are completed for your health and safety. Your safety is always our priority. We always make appointments for these surveys and write to you in advance to let you know when your stock condition survey is due. If you are unable to make an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so we can re-arrange at a more convenient time.

*This is an estimate of how long we expect our components to last in your home, and how many years will elapse until they are likely to be considered for replacement. In some cases, where components are in a very good condition, they may last longer and be replaced outside of these timescales:

  • Roofs: 60
  • External Doors (Front, Rear, Patio, Balcony): 30
  • Windows: 30
  • Bathrooms: 25
  • Electric Central Heating Systems: 25
  • Passenger and Fire Lifts: 20
  • Boilers: 15
  • Communal Boilers: 15
  • Communal Entrance Doors: 15
  • Electric Space and Water Heating (e.g. hot water tanks, storage heaters, etc): 15
  • Kitchens: 15
  • Door Entry Systems: 10


Completion of Planned Maintenance Works

If your home is due for a new component listed above, we will always contact you in advance via letter and also give you a call to talk it over.

We usually carry out a short survey of your home before we instruct our contractors carry out any work. This is to make sure that the work we’re doing meets all required standards. Everything from the materials we use, the colours of your components, and the design of your rooms are all discussed with our tenant panels beforehand. We’re always open to your feedback on the choices we provide and the materials we use. This helps us make further improvements to your homes in future.