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Meet your Money Support Officer!

We have 7 Money Support Officers, each covering a specific area of Cardiff. They will be able to support you with financial issues, provide you with help around tenancy arrears, or help you with any additional concerns you might have with money. They’re the financial experts and carry a deep understanding of money concerns you may have. They want to make sure you can make the most of your money.

Enter the first line of your address in the search engine to meet your Money Support Officer, and get their contact details.

Find Your Money Support Officer Enter the first line of your address to find the contact details you need to get in touch.
Enter the first line of your address (e.g. 10 High Street)

Beverley Sutton


Tel: 029 2046 8462

Mob: 07966 625392

Caroline Jordan


Tel: 029 2046 8424

Mob: 07966 632796

Jackie Steven


Tel: 029 2046 8439

Mob: 07816 230847

Lauren Howells


Tel: 029 2046 8411

Mob: 07929 858802

Paul Folland


Tel: 029 2046 8463

Sorry, we didn't recognise this one. Please make sure that your address is spelt correctly and try again. If you are still having problems, please contact us here.