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Benefits vs. Universal Credit?

The benefit system can be a bit confusing. There’s the benefits that lots of people know about (for example, Universal Credit) but there are others that you might not even realise you are entitled to, like Council Tax reductions.

All benefits are due to be moved over to Universal Credit during the next few years. Instead of waiting for this to happen, you might be better off claiming Universal Credit now.



Easy Way To Save: Check Your Water Bill!

Did you know about the fantastic schemes offered by Welsh Water to help with your water bill?

  • If you’re on a low income, the HelpU Tariff can reduce your yearly cost to £250!
  • The Customer Assistance Fund is a way of helping you clear any water arrears you have, as long as you pay your ongoing usage.
  • Do you need to use more water for a medical need or because you have a large family? If you have a water meter, the Watersure Tariff can cap your yearly bill to £360!

A reduction in your water bill could help you put those savings towards the turkey!



Cheaper Broadband = Happier Bank Balance

Everything is online these days, so having either broadband or a good deal on data for your mobile is essential. If your contract is coming to an end, you should always see if there’s a cheaper deal out there for you. Using comparisons sites like USwitch , Money Supermarket , or Compare The Market , can show you what’s available in your area and what’s cheapest. It’s important to look at the fine print – how long is the contract for, and what speeds are available. If you’re on Universal Credit, some suppliers are offering special deals at low prices to help with your job searching. Check out Virgin Media  Essential Broadband, or speak to your supplier directly to find out what’s available.

Is your mobile phone still working, but you’re coming to the end of the contract? Rather than upgrading, look for cheap sim only deals, from companies like Smarty , to reduce your costs. 



Need help with your benefits? Need support with an appeal going to tribunal? Nervous about making the move to Universal Credit? Want to try one of the available tariffs with Welsh Water?

The good news is that our Money Advice Team can have a chat with you about your circumstances, and identify what help is available to you. Get in touch today.