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Bag a Bargain

With Christmas just around the corner, looking for bargains is a must. The good news is that you can always find deals online — if you know where to look.


Become a Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert has over 40 tips to help you with online shopping. Our favourites include using Google Shopping to help you compare items from a wide range of retailers so you know you’re getting the best price for that perfect gift! We also recommend looking at voucher code sites as well; just make sure the deals are valid and the website is safe.


Read the T&Cs

We all have a habit of skipping through the terms and conditions when it comes to making those big purchases. However, spending some time looking through them is important. It may not be fun, but it makes sure that you know the online store is legitimate and you’re protected.


Check for Discounts

Use your discounts! If you are a student, health professional, or a member of the armed forces, you can get discounts from many different online stores. Always spend time doing a quick Google search to see if the store you’re purchasing from accepts discounts. They can range anywhere between 5% – 20%!



Bills, Bills, Bills

We’ve all seen the news about gas and electricity prices increasing and we’re all worried about how we’ll afford to keep the house warm and merry — especially with all those Christmas lights!

The advice at the moment is not to switch gas and electricity suppliers; however, it’s definitely worth checking what tariff you’re on. There are also schemes available for one-off grants of up to £140, including the Warm Home Discount, Winter Fuel Payments, and the recently announced £100 for Universal Credit claimants



Budget Everything

“Where does my money go?!”

This is something that we’ve probably all said at one point, especially just before Christmas! Keeping track of the bills we have to pay, the direct debits that go out, the school trips that need paying, the food shopping each week…Sometimes it feels like the money is in the bank one minute, out the door next. 


Keep a Money Diary

Before getting advice about your bills and benefits, our Money Advice team will suggest keeping a money diary for at least month. That way they can have a discussion with you about where they can see savings can be made. It might be that keeping the diary shows you always have to top up your shopping at the end of the week, so you may want to make adjustments to your regular shop. Or maybe you notice you give your kids money as and when they ask for it. Setting pocket money limits helps you manage your money, but also teaches your kids good money habits. Keeping a money diary can be as simple as a notebook and pen, or you can use online resources and mobile phone apps. 



Are you on a benefit? Want to understand your tariff? Need some support with household budgeting?

Fear not — our Money Advice Team can work with you, and give you the best advice to help reduce your outgoings and maximise your income! Get in touch today.