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What was your first role at CCHA? 

I joined CCHA as a Customer Service Advisor, having previously worked for British Gas for 14 years. 

How long have you been working at CCHA? 

I’ve been with CCHA for over 13 years.

What training have you done so far? 

I have taken part in a range of training over the last 13 years, but most recently I have joined the Pathway to Board programme, which is aimed at supporting ethnic groups to become board members. I joined the programme to understand the role of a board member better, give me an insight into how a board member influences decision making, and to understand how my own skills and experience could be useful and contribute to a board. 

What job changes have you made since you started working at CCHA? 

During my time at CCHA, I’ve gone from being a Customer Service Advisor, to Lead Customer Service Advisor, before becoming a Technical Maintenance Assistant, Trainee Surveyor and now Decarbonisation Liaison Officer working on our Retrofit Project.

What’s the best bit about your job? 

I have seen the reward that my contribution has made to the organisation, to my colleagues and to the communities we serve.

How has CCHA supported your career development? 

With the opportunities provided by CCHA I have been able to enhance my knowledge which has helped me work in other business areas, to explore new challenges and achieve new goals.