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Earth Day falls on April 22nd, and it is our opportunity to come together to invest in our planet. This year, our Green Group are supporting this global campaign.


They’ve come up with a fun game to encourage us all to do something to help reduce the effect of our carbon footprint on the planet. We invite you you to join us for a game of Earth Day Bingo!


Taking Part

  • Save a copy of the Earth Day Bingo sheet to your device (try to avoid printing where possible! Paper free makes a happy tree.);
  • Complete as many challenges as you can this week, marking off the bingo card as you go;
  • Once you complete a challenge, comment and let us know via Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #CCHAGreenWarrior
  • Bonus points for sending a selfie as we’ll be posting our favourite ones! The more creative, wild, and wacky, the better.


Earth Day Activities & Actions


Good luck, #CCHAGreenWarrior!