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New homes are being built to achieve EPC A. Also, we’re no longer installing gas boilers, and embracing solar power as part of the future.


EPC A Rating for Homes

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificates. These indicate the energy efficiency of your home. They are marked out of 100 and given a letter grading between A – G. An ‘A’ grading means an energy efficiency score of 92+, whereas a ‘G’ grade means a grading of below 20. The higher the score, the more energy efficient your home is. It is better insulated, gives out less CO2 emissions, and overall uses less energy for you to live comfortably. As a result, the environment is treated with kindness as is your bank balance. A higher EPC rating means lower energy bills.


EPC Rating

How do homes give out CO2 emissions?

The majority of CO2 emitted by houses is generated through heating. As such, we are no longer installing gas heating at our properties meaning less fossil fuels are needed to heat your home. It’s likely that the installation of gas central heating in new homes will be banned by Welsh and Central Government from around 2025 to combat carbon emissions.



What about homes already built?

We’re collaborating with a number of other registered social landlords and carrying out home surveys. This will allow us to assess what EPC rating our properties currently have and how we can get them to an EPC A. We’ll be able to know what the best improvements are needed to achieve EPC A using specialist software as part of the Optimised Retrofit Programme.

We estimate it will take £53 million to do. Whilst this a costly investment upfront, together we will recoup the costs in the long run.


Let’s talk Solar Power

We’re installing solar panels this year on 20 existing CCHA homes. As such, there will be a reduction in electricity that needs to be drawn from the National Grid. The result? 50 – 60% cheaper electricity bills. On days where more electricity is generated by the panels that can be used, this will be stored in batteries.

This project will be part funding by a capital grant from the Welsh Government called the Optimised Retrofit Programme Grant.

…Anything else?

Yes! Expect more opportunities for bio-diversity in our developments by incorporating wildflower meadows and green roofs. We’re also including the provision of electric vehicle charging points at our future development sites for electric vehicles.


Any thoughts or comments?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!