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For one of our Neighbourhood Managers, Sam, navigating unexpected challenges is part of the job description. But when that spills into the weekend, these challenges can end up being quite distressing. 


Sam says, 

“I woke up one Sunday morning last year to a string of messages from a tenant which had become increasingly abusive. As a Neighbourhood Manager, I’m used to finding myself on the receiving end of tenant frustrations occasionally, but this just crossed a line.  


“The whole incident left me on edge and I couldn’t properly relax and enjoy my day off with my husband and two daughters, knowing that I would be going into work on the Monday with this situation to deal with. My husband couldn’t believe that someone could speak to me in that way, and he felt angry and powerless to do anything about it. It made a work issue really personal. 


“I’m now not able to visit this particular area on my own, which not only impacts how quickly and effectively I can support my other tenants, but also pulls colleagues away from their own day job. 


“The first time I went to the area I was shocked at the physical reaction I had, I was visibly shaking and felt anxious that I would run into that person. I’m also wary of bumping into them when I’m out and about out of work hours. It’s left me feeling really vulnerable.  


“It’s disheartening to think that despite working hard to help others, you can still end up being verbally and personally attacked while just trying to do your job well. 


“When I think back on it now, I can’t help thinking how that person would feel if someone spoke to their partner or daughter in a similar way.” 


At CCHA our values form the core of who we are, to be brave, caring, genuine, respectful, trustworthy and honest. We want to promote a culture of mutual respect and create a positive environment for everyone. This is why we are urging everyone to #BeKind.