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Sometimes things around our homes can stop working or break.  It could be due to damage or they might have simply worn out.  Sometimes it will be the tenant’s responsibility to make sure the repair is carried out, and other times CCHA will be responsible.  But how do you know whose responsibility it is?

The table below lists the types of repairs you might find around the home, and lets you know who is responsible for the repair.

Tenant responsibility
  • Changing light bulbs, including fluorescent tube lights
  • Repair, replace and connect appliances
  • Replace plugs and chains
  • Clear sink blockages
  • Clean extractor fans
  • Maintain, repair and replace any fittings which you have fitted yourself
  • Maintain the kitchen if fitted yourself
  • Clear blockages to the bath, sink and toilet
  • Replace toilet seats
  • Replace plugs and chains
  • Replace lights bulbs including enclosed units
  • Clean extractor fans
  • Repair or replace shower rails and curtains
  • Maintain, repair and replace any fittings which you have fitted yourself
  • Maintain the bathroom if fitted yourself
  • Shower head and hose

You will need to contact Cardiff Council Pest Control on 029 2087 2934. CCHA will make any necessary repairs* following any treatments such as blocking any points of ingress.

*Please note, there will be a cost for this.

  • Repair and replace any internal door, unless it is a fire door.  CCHA will repair handles, hinges and locks.
  • Adjusting doors to accommodate any flooring

If you are locked out due to lost, stolen, or damaged keys (including keys snapped in locks), you will need need to contact a locksmith.

  • Topping up boiler pressure
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Setting thermostat
  • Replacing light bulbs, including fluorescent tube lights and enclosed units
  • Connecting electric cookers – you will need to use a competent and qualified electrician
  • Replacing fuses
  • Repair or replace any light fittings which you have fitted yourself
  • Tripped electrics – check all appliances and sockets before calling. You will need to unplug each appliance in your home, including items such as your TV, toaster, washing machine etc.  Plug each appliance in one by one and turn it on. If the power doesn’t trip, please move on to the next appliance. If the power does trip, please make a note of which appliance you used when the power tripped and then move on to the next item.  Once you have undertaken this process for each item, repeat the process once more as it’s not always possible to identify an intermittent fault with an individual appliance first time round. We want to maximise our chances of locating a possible fault.
  • Maintain decoration within the property
  • Filling minor cracks and holes
  • Connect gas cooker – you will need to use a registered Gas Safe engineer
  • Fit new, repair or replace (unless you are part of a communal block)
  • Ensuring that the grass is cut, pruning shrubs, and maintaining trees where safe to do so (unless the garden is in a common area covered by our estates management)
  • Repair or replace washing line (unless it is part of a communal area)
  • Repairing or replacing sheds
  • Ensure the property is well ventilated
  • Wash down and clean any mould
  • Repair or replace
CCHA responsibility
  • Structural repairs to walls internally and externally of properties
  • Any repairs or replacement
  • Repair or replace guttering, soffits and fascias
  • We will ensure boundary areas of homes are safe and maintained
  • We will manage and resolve issues of rising or penetrating damp. Condensation in most cases is a result of living conditions and we will work with you to advise on solutions within your home for condensation.
  • Repair or replace

Please note, all other internal doors are the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Repair or replace frames and hinges
  • Repair or replace glazing
  • Repair or replace cupboard doors, worktops, drawers, taps, sinks, plinths and hinges (possible recharge to be applied if damage has been caused by tenant)
  • Repair or replace toilet, cistern, sink, taps, showers and fans. Locate and repair leaks (possible recharge to be applied if damage has been caused by tenant)
  • Clear guttering and downpipes
  • CCHA will make any necessary repairs following any treatments, such as blocking any points of ingress.
  • Repair or replace handles, hinges and locks
  • Repair or replace handset and intercom
  • In most cases this applies to kitchens, bathrooms, and communal areas. We will repair or replace to ensure the areas are safe and habitable, unless there is damage that has been caused by tenant.
  • Full repairs, servicing and replacements with heating and hot water systems as required. Our contractor for this is Westward.
  • Repair or replace wiring to lights, sockets and switches
  • Repair or replace extractor fans
  • Repair or replace fuse board

Please note, if you have replaced any electrical fittings yourself, you will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of them.

  • These will form part of a cyclical decoration programme