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Food, Glorious Food!

Our Money Advice team love food, and think it’s the best part of Christmas! But getting a turkey with all the trimmings, or a fancy cheese board, or just a box of chocolates, can make the cost of Christmas keep increasing. How do we keep the costs down, and ensure there’s no food waste?


Plan, Plan, Plan!

Get together with the people you’re celebrating with, figure out who wants what, and put together a list (just like Santa!) Consider sharing the cost between family – maybe you can supply the turkey, and others can bring the desert?


Compare Prices

Look at comparing prices at the different supermarkets. Which? have done a comparison  on the supermarket that sells the cheapest food so that saves you all the hard work — and some money, too!


Buy Smart

Be wary of BOGOF (buy one get one free) offers. The best thing to do is look out for them on things you actually need, otherwise this could leave to food waste. Oh, and the difference between “use by” and “best before” dates? Food past their best before date may lose quality, but are still safe to eat. If it’s past the “use by” date, do not eat it!


Get Rewarded

Have a look now at what supermarkets provide reward cards (not store cards!) Build up rewards points now with your Christmas shop, and reap the benefits in January!



Saving Money & The Environment

The colours of Christmas are red and green – but how can you go green to help the environment and save money?

  • There’s an app called Refill  that lists places like cafes and shops which let you fill up your reusable water bottle for free — handy for when you’re out and about Christmas shopping.
  • Having a water meter can not only reduce your cost but helps the environment, and you may be able to get free water saving gadgets through the Save Water, Save Money  website.
  • Going paperless with your bills means discounts for you and trees saved!
  • If you’ve got excess plastic carrier bags (don’t we all!?), take them to Morrisons  or Ocado, you can get a discount on your shopping.


Check out Money Saving Expert for more Green tips!