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In going green, we’ve been awarded Silver!

We’ve a reason to celebrate this week at CCHA, achieving the Silver Standard in a recent SHIFT assessment. This furthers our commitment to reducing carbon emissions across the business.


SHIFT  are an independent agency passionate about supporting businesses improve their environmental impact. The assessment is a thorough piece of work. It examined the environmental impact of CCHA homes and our day-to-day business activities. The results are abundant with information that we can pass onto our regulators to show how well we’re doing. Additionally, the results reveal how we compare to other organisations within the sector. SHIFT have also provided an action plan on what we need to do next. It maps out the further improvements we can make to reduce our carbon footprint across our communities.

We made a promise in 2020 that going green was the only way forward for CCHA. This was solidified in our Environmental and Sustainability Statement. The Silver Standard award is a huge step forward for us and demonstrates how far we have already come.


We owe great thanks to our Green Group, who initiated the assessment process. Our Green Group are passionate about sustainability and the future of our planet, working hard to

  • raise awareness of recycling;
  • reduce waste sent to landfill
  • improve the environmental standard of homes and our office;
  • create shared green spaces across the community;
  • reduce tenants energy bills;
  • champion carbon literacy training;
  • and promote sustainable transport initiatives across our communities.

In 2021/22 the Green Group will create an environmental, sustainability and decarbonisation strategy for its business activities over the next 10 years with support from the corporate leadership team and board of directors.   


Jonathan Jones, our Corporate Director of Assets and Property, said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded Silver in our first SHIFT assessment.  The Green Group championed this assessment because we are committed to reducing CCHA’s impact on the environment across all our business activities. We wanted to find out how to do this from leading experts in sustainability, and the SHIFT assessment has enabled us to do that.  This SHIFT assessment has provided us with a clear action plan and we know we have much more work to do in our tenants homes and across our communities. We are committed to eradicating instances of overheating in our tenants homes and eliminating fuel poverty by providing energy efficient, comfortable homes with low utility costs.   We are also committed to reducing our water consumptions and tackling instances of fly tipping across our communities.  Any financial savings that we make from the benefits of our environmental commitments will be used to further improve our frontline services for tenants”


We remain committed to achieving carbon neutral through our business activities by 2030.
This SHIFT assessment has provided us with a clear action plan. We know we have much more work to do in our tenants homes & across our communities.
Jonathan Jones, CCHA's Corporate Director of Assets and Property