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This National Careers Week 2024, we are delighted to announce that we have been named a Valued Partner to two schools in Cardiff, Corpus Christi High School and Willows High School, through our partnership with Careers Wales. 

Our People Partner, Seb York, tells us all about the partnership, and what it will involve. 

We believe that giving pupils and school leavers information about career options is vital to finding the right path in life. It also helps build skills and confidence that will serve them well in their education and future employment. By partnering with Careers Wales, we can offer a variety of services and activities to even more young people, and support them as they pursue their career dreams.
Seb York, People Partner

The School Valued Partner initiative gives recognition to employers who support individual schools through Careers Wales employer engagement activities. Some of the services and activities we provide to both schools through our role are: 

  • Interview techniques workshops: These workshops equip pupils and school leavers with the skills and knowledge to ace interviews, learn how to make a good impression, and respond to common questions.
  • Mock interviews: These mock interviews are an excellent way to get pupils ready for their future careers. They help them practice their communication skills, boost their confidence, and get feedback. Exposing pupils to different types of questions and scenarios that they might face in real interviews while practising in a safe but professional setting.
  • Career talks: These presentations give pupils and school leavers a glimpse into the world of work, the skills and qualifications needed, and the career opportunities available. Not everyone will necessarily go to university and it is good to let pupils know how they can make the most of their strengths and passions. The social housing sector is a great example of a place where everyone can find something for themselves. When you join housing you know that you are part of something bigger!

Adrian Cole, Business Engagement Adviser at Careers Wales said: 

The team at Cardiff Community Housing Association are always keen to engage with career activities in high schools. They get involved in a variety of sessions with different year groups such as career talks, career carousels, subject-specific sessions, career fairs and mock interviews. The team are always very engaging and supportive with pupils; ensuring pupils are aware of the career options available in their sector, what skills are needed and the variety of routes.
Adrian Cole, Business Engagement Adviser

We are proud of this partnership and look forward to working with the schools and Careers Wales.