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We’re bringing repairs in-house with the launch of our very own Maintenance Team! Previously, this service was provided by Axis but we are re-shaping our services according to your priorities and needs. Of course, with big changes come big questions, so we’ve outlined a brief FAQ below. Take a look and, if you’re query isn’t listed, please get in touch.


  • What changes are being made to the repairs service?

We will be bringing maintenance and repair staff, such as plumbers and carpenters, into our team and we will be directly delivering and managing the service. This means that we will be in direct control of all our key maintenance and repairs services, ensuring that repairs are scheduled through our appointments system and allocated to our maintenance staff. Through doing so, we can ensure that repairs are carried out in minimal turnaround time. We are also considering extending the times for appointments so that repairs can be carried out on evenings and weekends in response to your feedback.


  • Why are the repairs and maintenance service being brought in-house?

Our aim is to provide a better, more efficient service with a high level of satisfaction for tenants so that you receive the best possible service. By setting up our own in-house team, with directly employed staff delivering repairs and maintenance, we can provide a more focused service. It will give us greater control over day-to-day repairs, the repairs processes, quality of the work, and appointment keeping. Simplifying how repairs are reported and resolved helps us be far more responsive and ensures we meet your expected standards.

Our maintenance mantra is to ‘do the right job and to get it right first time.’


  • Will my rent go up because of these changes?

Rent will not increase because of these changes to the maintenance service.


  • Will any repairs and maintenance services still be carried out by external contractors?

Some services will continue to be carried out by external contractors. These will be: gas maintenance and servicing, grounds maintenance and landscaping, estates management, planned maintenance (e.g. kitchen and bathroom installation), and the out-of-hours repairs service.


  • When is this change taking place?

We’ll will start delivering the repairs and maintenance service from 1st April 2020. Of course, we will be working with Axis to ensure the handover runs as smoothly as possible. Rest assured, you shouldn’t see any changes to the services we provide before, or during, the change-over period.


  • Will the telephone number for reporting repairs change?

Nope! The phone number will stay the same, as will the way you can get in touch with us to report a repair.


  • Have tenants been involved in the new repairs and maintenance service?

Together we do! Tenant feedback is at the heart of the service we provide. A panel has been set up with tenants across Cardiff having a considerable input into the new service. We will continue to collect your feedback which will help us to make sure that we get the service right.


  • Can I take part in the Residents Panel?

Yes! We’re always excited to have new tenants on board. Get in touch to get involved!


  • Will I be able to give feedback on my repair?

Of course – you’ll be asked to complete a short survey before our staff leave their property. This includes the option to request a follow-up phone call to discuss the repair.  The staff member who completed the repair will not be able to see your response, which will be forwarded to a dedicated team.  The team will have immediate access to the results and will be able to follow up any issues you may have.  This feedback will help us to provide the best possible repairs service to you.


  • Will there be new vans and uniforms?

Yes, fully branded with our new CCHA logos.


  •  Who should I contact if I have any questions about the new service?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Head of Property Services on 029 2046 8423.

Our maintenance mantra is: do the right job and get it right first time.