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The new Digiscreens installed in Galleon, Aquila, and Ffordd Ottoway form part of our future communications with you.

Conversations with you are the most important thing that we do as an organisation. Over the past year, we have been investing time and energy to understand how we can work with you quickly and effectively. This had us thinking about how to improve our communications with you so that you’re receiving important information from us as soon as possible.


How will they improve communications?

The Digiscreen allows us to communicate information as soon as we possibly can, simply with the click of a button. No delay, no missed information, no drama.

For example, lift out of order and in need of an emergency repair? We can let you know as soon as we know about it. Important event happening at CCHA that we’d love for you to attend? The invite will be with you quicker than you can say “will there be any biscuits?”*

As these are touch screen devices, you can interact with us, too. If you want to be part of change at CCHA on a regular basis…well, now you can! The magic of the Digiscreen means that you can influence key decisions without even leaving your building as we can upload surveys, provide multiple choice answers, and get your opinions. After all, together we do.

*There will always be biscuits.


How do we use them?

Easy! They’re touch screen and you can interact with them. You can skip through messages we upload to get to the stuff you want to see and, as we said, maybe complete a survey!

Find yourself waiting for a taxi? Do a survey!

Waiting for the ever-consistent Welsh rain to pass over? Have a browse through the messages!

Friday night and keeping an eye out for your take-away? Stay updated with the latest CCHA news!

It’s everything you need to know about CCHA, at your fingertips.

(Also, keep an eye out for a quick video tutorial coming soon!)


Will this replace all communications?

Nope! This forms part of our communications with you, but won’t be the sole bearer of information. We will still be using all our usual routes. Think of these Digiscreens as another spoke on the wheel of our contact with you – they all work together to keep you informed.


Wouldn’t this money be better spent on repairs?

Don’t worry, these Digiscreens won’t take anything away from our repairs service to you. It’s come out of a separate pot of money which means that they won’t change or threaten any of the other services that we provide for you. We promise.


What about damage?

Great question – rest assured, these screens are vandal proof meaning that they’re sturdy and built to last. Of course, if you do have any concerns, please do contact us immediately in the usual way you would contact us.


I still have questions, who do I speak to?

You’re a curious one and we love that. Get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can always contact us here, too.