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Below is a list of things for every day of any month (plus one for luck!) to bring a little kindness into your life, into the lives of others, and to help in making kindness the norm:

  1. Acknowledge the hard work of a person who has helped you by letting them know you appreciate what they did.
  2. Pay it forward at a cafe when you’re getting a drink so that a homeless person can have a hot drink.
  3. Practice a moment of self-reflection to identify ways of overcoming a repeating pattern you notice happening that is unhelpful.
  4. Fill a small bag (e.g. a money bag) with bird seed when you go out for a walk and feed the birds as you go.
  5. Phone a friend that you’ve not been able to catch up with for a while to check in to see how they are doing.
  6. Put some music on, go with the feeling and sway, punch and slice the air, stomp, wring, float and dance.
  7. On a dry, sunny lie on the ground or gras and like ok up at the sky. Notice the shapes the clouds make and tell yourself stories about what you see.
  8. Separate your clothes that are in good condition but don’t fit right and donate them via your local reuse group so that they can bring some happiness to someone else.
  9. Do a household chore that someone in your family usually does and do it up to their usual standard.
  10. Put together a self-care box of mood-boosting activities for yourself or a friend or family member for when they are stressed out, angry, frustrated, disappointed, fed up or are in a low mood.
  11. Buy yourself flowers.
  12. Spend time in nature and recharge by going on a walk or hike.
  13. Eat something you enjoy mindfully, slowly, and savouring every bite.
  14. Don your safety gloves and go on a local litter-pick.
  15. Treat someone you look up to to food they like at a cafe or restaurant.
  16. Be courteous and offer your seat on public transport to someone else who will appreciate it.
  17. If you are able, donate blood.
  18. Donate nice food with a long shelf-life to a food bank.
  19. On a clear evening go star-gazing.
  20. Organise a bring-your-own buffet or picnic with friends or colleagues.
  21. Listen intently to someone without interrupting.
  22. Listen to an inspirational TED Talk or podcast.
  23. Take a moment to acknowledge and recognise your achievements, regardless of whether they are big or small.
  24. Wear an outfit that makes you feel really good.
  25. Keep a journal of inspiring quotes.
  26. Watch some comedy.
  27. Be accountable for everything you say and do for the day.
  28. Allow yourself to sleep in late one morning.
  29. Pamper yourself.
  30. Walk a dog from the local animal shelter.
  31. Make a list of at least 5 things you are grateful for.
  32. (And one for luck…) Switch to using cruelty-free products.
Doing good does you good

Article written by Emma Ross.

Emma is a CCHA tenant. She has worked as a counsellor for Mind for 7 years, and has also worked in GP surgeries for the Cardiff & Vale NHS in Ely and on an Employee Assistance Program. You can find her on social media @WorkSmartLiveHappy


Disclaimer: All opinions and thoughts are solely the author’s, and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the website or its affiliates.