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Name & Role:

Stellah Nalwoga, Neighbourhood Manager


What areas do you cover?

I cover Butetown (Aquila, Avondale Court, Aveling House, Galleon Way, Andrew Court, Bute Street, Clos Glashowny, Hamadryad, Plas Iona, Tyndall street, Steffani Court, Silurian place, and St Cuthbert’s).


What can tenants talk to you about?

Tenants can talk to me about anything; lettings, transfer, tenancy management, repairs, support, etc. I can advocate for them in the event they feel they are getting nowhere. I can also help with accessing other support services.


What is your favourite CCHA value and why?

Respect is my favourite CCHA value. I can accept people for who they are, even when we have different views or we don’t agree. Respect is learned and earned!


I am CCHA because…

I am brave!


Get in touch with me:

Respect is my favourite CCHA value. Respect is learned and earned!
Stellah Nalwoga, Neighbourhood Manager