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Name & Role:

Lauren Howells, Safeguarding and Partnerships Lead

What can tenants talk to you about?

Tenants, staff and partners of CCHA can talk to me for help, support and guidance if they have any concerns about the welfare of a child or adult that they know. This could be a family member, friend or neighbour. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and we really value our tenants looking out for children and adults in their communities. We know it can be hard to report concerns but it’s so important. Even a seemingly small piece of information could be the one that completes the puzzle. Tenants can report concerns to their Neighbourhood Manager or to any CCHA staff member. The important thing is to tell someone.

What is your favourite CCHA value and why?

It changes as they are all embedded in what we do. I would say ‘Bravery’. Doing the right thing can be hard and scary and requires bravery. It’s much easier to turn a blind eye. Honest conversations about safeguarding concerns can be challenging for everyone involved but they are for the right reasons and in the interests of supporting families and keeping children and adults at risk safe from harm.

“I am CCHA because…”

I believe the work we do has an important purpose and value. Working with colleagues that are committed to doing their best for our tenants, communities and for each other is a joy. What a privilege to work in an organisation I still love after 17 years!

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