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In July 2021, we partnered with LCB Construction with a focus on the Refurbishment of Empty Properties. LCB are passionate about ‘contribut[ing] to improving communities and homes which people live in.’ Sounds right up our street! (Pardon the housing-related pun…)

Teaming up with LCB and having a refined ‘Empty Property Standard’ means that, as soon as a home is redecorated, a new tenant can move in immediately.

As part of the standard, we include some amazing new features which are sure to make any house a home.

For example:

  • A finished flooring (vinyl or carpet) throughout the ground floor
  • LED lamps
  • Gas and electric supplies in credit when the new tenant moves in
  • At least one fixed USB charger point
  • A Home User Guide (available in many languages) that includes useful tips on how to manage a home, energy and water saving tips, useful phone numbers and contacts.

Our favourite bit? A welcome home hamper which includes all the important bits and pieces to help new tenants settle in; tea, coffee, sugar, mugs, biscuits, toilet roll, etc.

LCB, in line with their values as an organisation, will also be in touch with new tenants shortly after moving in to make sure that everything is OK and they’re able to manage all home functions, like heating, hot water, etc.

One of the first tenants to move into a property with the new standard was Mr. Condron. He was chuffed with the condition of his new home, and was excited by his new hamper, too. (He did think that the hamper was just for the photo but, of course, all new tenants will receive a yummy hamper they get to keep!)