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The results of our recent staff survey are in! We partnered with The Happiness Index to carry out an anonymous survey over two weeks, and we received an impressive 87% response rate. Our employees provided valuable insights that reaffirm our commitment to creating a supportive and engaging work environment. 


Not only did we have a high participation rate, but the survey results also showed that our employees are really satisfied. On a scale of 1 to 10, the average survey score was an impressive 7.9. That’s a strong sign that our team members are happy with their work experience. 


One of the standout findings from the survey was our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). This measures how likely employees are to recommend our company as a great place to work. We achieved a remarkable eNPS of +37, well above the benchmark of +5. This score shows that our employees have a deep sense of loyalty and satisfaction. 


Rhian Robinson, Head of People and Development at CCHA said: “Our commitment to be an employer of choice is underpinned by understanding our colleagues’ needs, so having such a strong response rate is so encouraging and will propel us even further in continuing to provide a fantastic work environment. Our colleagues have been really open with their views, showing us how the strong relationships at CCHA are critical in not only supporting our tenants and delivering the best outcomes but also in feeling fulfilled at work.” 


One of the survey questions asked employees to rate their relationship with their team members, and it received the highest score of 9 on average. This rating highlights the camaraderie and collaboration among our team members. We believe that these strong bonds are crucial for creating a harmonious work environment where everyone feels supported and valued. 


Hayley Selway, Chief Executive at CCHA said: “We are incredibly proud of our employees’ engagement and the positive feedback received through the staff survey. Our people are the heart and soul of CCHA, and these outstanding results confirm how highly motivated and committed our staff are to going above and beyond for their colleagues and our tenants. We appreciate the dedication and commitment of our team members in making CCHA an exceptional place to work.” 


The success of this survey is a testament to our ongoing commitment to employee satisfaction and engagement. It reflects our values, supportive culture, and focus on fostering meaningful relationships among team members. By prioritising employee wellbeing, we’ve created an environment where our employees can thrive both personally and professionally. 


Looking ahead, we will use these positive survey results to enhance the employee experience even further. We’ll invest in initiatives that promote collaboration, growth, and innovation, ensuring that every member of our #OneTeam feels valued and empowered.