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You told us that you weren’t happy with the grounds maintenance service you were receiving. We listened and have created our own workforce to carry out those services for you. You also helped us to choose a name for the team! So, we’d like to introduce you to our Spaces and Places Team.

Mark, Rich and Ibby have spent the last few months getting to know our estates and carrying out some summer maintenance, such as grass cutting.

Some areas may have had fewer visits than usual over this period, but we will make sure each estate gets the time it needs to make them look great!


What work will be carried out?

Over the Winter period (November to March) the team will be on our estates to carry out works to our communal spaces. This will include things such as:

  • Clearing leaves from paths and entrance ways
  • Undertaking winter cutbacks on hedges and bushes
  • Tidying up of beds and planting areas
  • Removing over-hanging or low tree branches
  • Removing weeds

During the Winter we aim to visit your estate twice to make sure that it is well-maintained over this period. However this may vary due to weather conditions.



In April we will move onto our Summer programme (April to October) where we will be focusing on grass cutting, weeding, pruning and any other necessary grounds maintenance. We will visit your estate up to seven times during this period, with a view to visit once a month. There may be occasions when we are unable to carry out a visit one month due to weather conditions etc, but we will always make up for this lost visit on another occasion.


What are the costs for grounds maintenance?

A breakdown of the grounds maintenance costs, along with the number of hours that should be expected across each estate will be provided along with your service charge statement in early 2023.


Your feedback matters

A week after you have received a visit from the Spaces and Places Team, you will be sent a text asking for your feedback. We would be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to let us know how happy you were with the service the team provided you with on that occasion.  We read all your feedback and this will help us to make any decisions on future services.


What is a communal space?

A communal space is an area that is accessible for all. This includes shared spaces for flats, communal gardens or other open spaces across the estate. It includes open front gardens, but does not include closed or semi-enclosed front gardens. A closed or semi-enclosed garden is one that is solely for the use of that individual property. These do not form (and never have formed) part of the service charge. An example of an open front garden and semi-enclosed front garden can be found below:

It’s great to have the team up and running, it allows us to provide a bespoke service based on the needs of each community. They are a lovely bunch so if you see them on your estate please say “hello” and talk with them about the grounds maintenance service you would like to see in your area.
Jo Thomas, Estates Manager

If you would like any further information on your Grounds Maintenance service, please contact Jo Thomas, Estates Manager by emailing or calling 07812 771 270.