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In our ongoing mission to address homelessness and provide much-needed housing in Cardiff, we’re excited to share the latest developments in projects funded by TACP (Transactional Accommodation Capital Programme). 

Having already received close to £400,000 in funding, we’ve been able to make significant strides in improving five void properties. But our commitment doesn’t stop there, and we’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of six additional homes with a grant of just over £1.3million from Welsh Government.  

The six new homes acquired through this funding includes a two-bedroom home and five three-bedroom homes. This funding covers 70% of cost of acquisition and refurbishment, with the remaining cost covered by CCHA, to deliver high-quality living spaces for those in need. 

These homes are due to be completed by the end of the summer, following renovation work carried out by LCB. Our aim is to bring these homes up to the EPC B energy efficiency standard and meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS), ensuring comfort and sustainability for future residents. 

A further funding injection of almost £1.3million will also enable us to address the backlog of major works required for eight void properties, which were previously put on hold due to insufficient funding. 

In line with funding requirements, the first priority for these homes will be given to individuals and families currently living in temporary accommodation, and then to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, ensuring that housing is directed towards those facing the most urgent challenges. 

As we press forward with these projects, we remain committed to creating safe, sustainable, and inclusive communities for all.  

Stay tuned for more updates as these projects get ready to welcome new families.