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To mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we have launched a set of Neuroinclusion Pledges aimed at fostering a more inclusive workplace for neurodivergent colleagues. Led by our Equality Action Group, the pledges set out CCHA’s commitment to championing neurodiversity and creating an environment where every individual can thrive, and how this will ensue into the delivery of our services for tenants.   

Since its formation in 2021, our Equality Action Group has been working to increase diversity across the organisation to better reflect the tenants we serve.  

Liz Evans, Deputy Chief Executive at CCHA said: “The work driven by the Equality Action Group has had an incredible impact, increasing our pool of staff who identify as being from an ethnically diverse background from 7% in September 2021, to 25% in March 2024.  

“Our Neuroinclusion Pledges builds on this work and reflects our commitment to creating a workplace where every individual feels valued, respected, and can be themselves.  This will take us another step closer to achieving our corporate aims of being a caring landlord and employer of choice.” 

Our 12 Neuroinclusive Pledges are:

  • Review our recruitment policies and practice to ensure they don’t limit the opportunities for people who are neurodivergent.  
  • Enable equitable access to information in language and the display of information.  
  • Review our interview assessment processes so interviews and assessments are proportionate, relevant and seek to get the best from the candidate and that people are clear they can be themselvesConsider the preparation of candidates for interview, and the environment.  
  • Support a neuroinclusive mindset that are backed by policies and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) practices. 
  • Review our induction programme to ensure new staff are aware of our commitment to neuroinclusion and equity.  Enable onboarding programmes that suit the ability of the employee (rather than a standardised approach).   
  • Create a working environment that supports neurodivergent colleagues to work effectively and be part of the team.  
  • Be committed to supporting reasonable accommodations to workplaces for individuals.   
  • Train all our colleagues around neuroinclusion to improve awareness and understanding of the value neurodiversity brings to the organisation.   
  • Training for leaders and board around neuroinclusion to improve awareness and understanding and to help embed a neuroinclusive mindset and practice.   
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate neurodiversity and publicise the organisation’s commitment to neuroinclusion 
  • Seek specialist support, advice or coaching for colleagues who may face neurodivergent related stigma.   
  • Publicise our actions in this area

You can download a PDF copy of our Neuroinclusive Pledges by clicking here.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of this work.