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Let’s take it back to 2019 and a pre-pandemic world. Not only did it mark the memory of a normality we would covet, it’s also when we started our fire safety project on Aquila.


In the wake of Grenfell in 2017, fire safety for high rise buildings became a priority. As part of our own assessments, we completed extensive surveys on fire safety for Aquila. This involved getting a firm understanding of how the building is engineered in the event of a fire. As a result, we were able to understand how to establish more efficient fire safety systems.


As part of the fire safety refurbishment, we’ve installed sprinkler systems. This was an intrusive job, and we owe huge thanks to all residents who trusted us in their homes during install. We have also changed fire doors and upgraded the fire alarm system. Another large job involved replacing the external cladding. As residents are aware, this involved the sacrificing of many parking spaces. It goes without saying that we are grateful for your patience during this time. We know that it caused inconveniences on occasion, so your support has been so valuable to us!


Aside from resident involvement, we also owe a huge thanks to Welsh Government who gave £1.7 million toward this project. Without this, we would not have been able to complete the necessary works. Additionally, we’re incredible grateful for ASD Build, RPA, TCDM, and Part B.


These works have been completed with no extra charge to leaseholders, which is a huge achievement.


It’s been a long journey with fantastic results and the changes made now will benefit so many in the future.