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Angela stands proudly in her driveway with her hands in her pockets, smiling at the camera. She's wearing a navy polo neck and black joggers.

Angela began engaging with our JETs team in December 2019. She was keen to get back into work after being unemployed for over 10 years. Her journey began by working with our Reach wellbeing mentor on a one-to-one basis, and attending the Living Life to the Full sessions. Following this, she began attending courses around Cardiff to build up her qualifications and knowledge for work.

As the pandemic struck and lockdowns were implemented across the country, this impacted Angela’s progress. Despite many of courses adapting to online learning, this was a barrier for Angela as she was digital excluded. However, JETS provided a laptop for her and she worked with us to develop her online skills. This was no easy task! The digital skills sessions were conducted over the phone, beginning with the basics (logging in and opening an email) right through to attending zoom sessions. Angela was determined to continue her good progress to employment, as well as having patience and a great sense of humour!

Once online, Angela undertook lots of online learning courses, including the School of Hard Knocks and the Get Into Care program. Her JETS mentor remained with her throughout this time, providing employment support.

In August 2021 Angela received great news; she had gained part time employment as a cleaning supervisor. Now, her goals have evolved again as she wants to progress in her role through further developing her skills.

If Angela’s story resonated with you and you’d like to receive support in achieving your life goals, get in touch! To read more about our JETS and Reach projects, take a look at the following pages: