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Located in the leafy neighbourhood of Adamsdown is a terraced property that has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. Originally converted into two flats in the 1970s/80s, although the property had complied with fire regulations, its structure lacked the benefits of sound and heat insulation, which affected the overall quality of living, and significant investment was required to bring it up to modern standards. Fortunately, the property became an ideal candidate for the Transitional Capital Programme Grant (TACP) developed by the Welsh Government. 


The conversion of many houses into flats, coupled with the rise of new build schemes primarily focused on apartments, has resulted in a shortage of spacious family homes in Cardiff. Recognising the need to alleviate this issue, CCHA developed an Asset Management Strategy to convert such buildings back into family homes. However, funding remained a significant challenge for these endeavours. 


In line with CCHA’s strategy, the TACP Grant offered a solution to restore the property. The scheme, drawn up and costed through the existing Voids Contract, aimed to convert the property back into a family home without the need for planning permission. The application was submitted in October 2022 and received approval in early December, paving the way for the commencement of the project. 


Contracting firm LCB Group, took charge of the renovation work, which began in January 2023. The extensive scope of the project included asbestos removal, the replacement of heating systems, kitchens, and bathrooms, upgrading insulation, and remodelling the layout to create a spacious four-bedroom, five-person configuration. Additionally, the garden underwent a complete transformation, with levelling and turfing to create an appealing outdoor space for the residents. The finishing touches included vinyl flooring in the kitchen, bathroom, and cloakroom, as well as carpets throughout the remaining areas. 


Andrew Bradley, Head of Asset Management and Decarbonisation at CCHA said: “The successful restoration of this property in Adamsdown stands as a testament to the significance of the TACP Grant in making this transformation possible. Without this funding, achieving the desired standard and quality for the property would have been a considerable challenge. Thanks to the grant, the property has been rejuvenated and now offers a comfortable and modern living space for a family in need.”