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Together We Do

At CCHA, we’re committed to establishing a diverse organisation. We want to provide a place founded upon belonging. We want our people to thrive through being their authentic self. We embrace and celebrate diversity in all forms – ethnicity, age, disability, religion, belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, and economic background. We’re dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our colleagues and customers. As a result, being a diverse workplace is essential to us being the best that we can be.

We devote ourselves to reviewing and improving the way we work. In doing so, we are able to better serve our tenants, communities, and team. We strive to give everyone the capacity to thrive in work. We want to enhance talents and provide opportunities for learning to enhance careers and enrich lives. We’re not afraid to change how we work to meet this goal.

Everyday, we work hard to learn how to better serve our communities. We devote ourselves to creating accessible job vacancies for everyone. We strive to empower people in making effective decisions in their roles. We seek new ways to achieve work-life harmony for individuals across the business.

Change requires creative thinking, flexibility, and imagining new ways of working. Our values of being brave, honest, trustworthy, genuine, respectful, and caring are interwoven through everything that we do.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity within our organisation is at the very core of who we are. We adopt the Rooney Rule in our recruitment processes to promote fairness. Our Get Into Housing project provides opportunities in housing for people from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

And we will continue to do more.