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The information on this page will help you determine when animals are considered an antisocial behaviour concern.

It will also advise what steps you need to take to resolve the issue yourself, or progress the matter if you are unable to resolve it.

If the situation continues, despite taking the steps listed below, you can report the issue to us.


If the situation is not an emergency, but requires police advice and intervention, please call 101.


Remember: if there is an immediate emergency and you or anyone else are in danger, please call 999.


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Common Animal Concerns

This would only be considered antisocial behaviour if the noise is persistent.

This means that the noise needs to be sustained for continuous periods lasting over 30 minutes a day, for at least five days, within one week.

On occasion, dogs will bark. However, when this happens persistently, it can be distressing and annoying. To resolve the situation, you can:

  • Have a friendly word with your neighbour. They may not be aware their dog is causing a disturbance (particularly if they are not at home during the day when the dog is barking.)
  • If this does not work, and you continue to be persistently disturbed, we advise contacting Environmental Health
    If they take action, we can use this as evidence against the dog owner if appropriate.

If you have concerns about the welfare of a pet, you should contact the RSPCA

Under the law, any dog (regardless of breed) can be considered dangerous if it is not kept under control. The dog doesn’t have to bite anyone; it could just display aggressive behaviours that causes someone to feel in fear of their safety.

If you are in fear of your safety, or anyone else’s, please contact the police immediately to report the dangerous dog.


Once you have reported it to the police, please contact us with the incident report number and the officer’s name. We will then be able to contact them, and work with them and yourself to agree the next steps.

We want your neighbourhoods to be clean and safe. In Cardiff, dog owners can be given an on-the-spot fine of £100 if they do not clean up after their dog.

If you have identified this is an issue in your neighbourhood, we suggest:

  • Speaking to your neighbour to make them aware of their responsibility, if you feel able to do so.
  • If the offence took place on CCHA property, please contact us. We will make contact with your neighbour. (You can report anonymously if you wish.)
  • If the offence took place in a public place, such as a pavement or park, please contact Cardiff Council who will make contact with your neighbour and possibly issue a fine if you are able to provide them with sufficient evidence.