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We are committed to tackling hate crime and will investigate all cases fully and take appropriate action. Any circumstances which this is suspected need to be reported as soon as possible.

A hate crime is an offence which is motivated by hostility based on a person’s race or perceived race, religion or perceived religion, sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, gender expression or perceived gender expression, disability or perceived disability.


If the situation is not an emergency, but requires police advice and intervention, please call 101.


Remember: if there is an immediate emergency and you or anyone else are in danger, please call 999.


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Not all hate incidents will amount to criminal offences being taken out, but it is still vital that any hate crimes are reported and recorded by the police. If you have been the victim of a hate crime, please contact the police immediately and report the incident. Please also report the incident to us, providing any supporting information you have.

When you report a hate crime incident to us, your account of the incident is very important. Hate crime is a very personal offence and can have devastating consequences. We will take great care in listening to your recollections of the event, and we will not judge or make assumptions. If we know of another support agency that would be able to help you, we will always discuss this with you first and get your permission before making any referrals. We will not do anything without your prior consent, unless we feel that there is immediate danger to your safety, or someone else’s.