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In a significant move towards bolstering fire safety measures in our homes, and as part of the post-Grenfell commitments made within our Fire Strategy, we are thrilled to announce the recent allocation of funding through the Government Social Sector Medium and High-Rise Residential Building Remediation Capital Grant Fund for 2023-2024. 

Having previously secured funding aimed at enhancing fire safety measures in buildings standing over 18 meters tall, which covered Aquila House and Galleon Way, we are pleased to say that an additional £1.9 million has been granted for buildings exceeding 11 meters in height. Specifically, this funding will be directed towards the improvement of Hamadryad Court, Moorhead Close, and Ffordd Ottoway. 

The funding will be used for various upgrades across these buildings. Once work is complete, Hamadryad Court will have had an updated sprinkler system and cladding removed, while decorative timber will be removed and sprinklers installed at Ffordd Ottoway. A new sprinkler system will also be installed at Moorhead Close. All three buildings are due to receive a new fire alarm system, further enhancing safety measures. 

As we mark the midpoint of our improvement works following the 2023 funding allocation, we are collaborating with architects to ensure the timely removal and replacement of cladding across the designated buildings by the end of 2024. 

We are pleased to share that an extra £250,000 in funding has also been secured for additional fire safety enhancements at Galleon Way. An equivalent amount has also been announced for further work at Aquila House, earmarked for the replacement of fire doors throughout the building.  

CCHA has been proactive in seeking professional advice to improve fire safety standards across our properties. Working closely with FireRite, a reputable consultancy, we are able to make informed decisions regarding fire safety in our buildings. One significant commitment is our decision to install sprinkler systems in all existing residential buildings over 11 meters, surpassing legal requirements. This forward-thinking strategy has now become an integral part of CCHA's Fire Strategy, ensuring enhanced safety measures for residents.
Brett Gilbert, Fire Compliance Officer at CCHA.

Through our proactive approach, strategic decision-making, and ongoing maintenance efforts, CCHA have consistently prioritised the safety of our residents. By implementing comprehensive remediation works, working alongside expert consultants, securing government funding, and ensuring regular inspections, we believe we have created a safer and more secure environment for all residents, fostering trust, and peace of mind.  

For more information about our ongoing fire safety work, please contact Brett Gilbert (