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We are committed to co-creating, with our tenants and communities, neighbourhoods that people want to live in. We want to provide quality services for our tenants, and to dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement.

#TogetherWeDo is the foundation upon which we build CCHA.


Our values which underpin all of our work with you are…

  • Trustworthy
  • Respectful
  • Caring
  • Honest
  • Brave
  • Genuine
We aim to be...
  • We will seek to understand and deliver projects that meet the needs of the communities within which we work.
  • We will support communities in getting their voice heard.
Woman with blonde hair standing outside the door of number 10 Downing Street Rhiannon (Flourish) at 10 Downing Street
  • We will develop jobs and skills projects, offer money support and support, for our tenants and community members across Cardiff.
  • We will work in partnership with neighbourhoods for our regeneration work.
Man and woman kneeling over a First Aid torso with someone stood teaching them how to give CPR Reach team providing First Aid course for the community
  • We will ensure your voice as a tenant is heard, with your feedback being acted upon to improve our services.
  • We will let our homes and set our rents/service charges fairly.
  • We will provide a great repairs service and ensure that your home is safe.
  • We will be visible and approachable in your neighbourhood.
Three men stood beside large vans Our repairs team looking very pleased with their new vans!
  • We will build affordable homes that are energy efficient and meet your needs.
  • We will build homes in areas that have good transport links, close to shops and other amenities.
  • We will involve tenants in the design of homes, utilising community feedback, and learn lessons from previous developments.
Two people with their backs to the camera wearing with high-vis vests Big plans being made at the Maelfa
  • We will continue to be a Living Wage  employer, seeking to work with contractors that also pay the Living Wage.
  • We will use the Rooney Rule in our recruitment processes to level the playing field for our diverse communities, achieving a workforce that reflects the communities within which we work.
  • We will ensure staff health and wellbeing is an organisational priority.
People marching in a parade holding a banner depicting a rainbow and 'Celebrating Diversity' written Marching with pride, at Pride 2019!
  • We will establish a diverse Board of Management.
  • We will ensure tenants’ voices influence our policies and strategic decision making at the highest level.
  • We will demonstrate value for money, and have strong financial plans in place to deliver our objectives.
A group of people on a stage, with one person speaking into a microphone Tenant's Conference 2019