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We know all about the difficulties everyday life can throw at us. We all have those times. We offer a variety of support options, depending on what you need.

This could be signposting or a direct referral to external agencies, or providing support via our in-house Tenancy Empowerment Team.


If you are interested in support you can contact your Tenancy Management Officer who will complete a referral form for you


If you’re not sure if this service is for you and want to find out more, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Empowering You


Our in-house support team – AKA our Tenant Empowerment Team – specifically work with individuals and families that have ongoing needs for support, but who are not currently accessing services that could help them, or who require advocacy to engage with these services.


Our dedicated and experienced support team can help you through…


And we can help you work with agencies such as…
  • Police and Probation
  • Medical Professionals
  • Schools
  • Social Services

Our Tenant Empowerment Team want to help you overcome any issues that could potentially affect the sustainability of your tenancy.

We know that some people can be reluctant to engage and you may feel let down because of past experiences with professionals. We will invest the time and effort in building trust with you, listening to your needs, and developing a positive support relationship. 

The support we give is centred around you. We will take into account barriers that could make it difficult for you to sustain your tenancy or to access other services in the community to help you.

We will work closely with you to work out what services would best meet your individual needs, and we will support you to access and work with these services until you are confident to do so independently.


You talk. We listen. Together we do.
Alternative Support Options

Where you are having specific problems in your tenancy and would like help and support to deal with these, Floating Support provided by Cardiff Council may be suitable.  We will refer you for this type of support if you meet the criteria based on your referral form.

We know that some tenants prefer to access support from individual agencies and may wish to do so without CCHA being involved. Some of the below agencies we would recommend for specific support needs.


Mental Health Support

Cardiff Mind

Tel: 02920 450050 



Addiction Support

Recovery Cymru

Tel: 07949069688


Leanne has helped me find myself again. I used to be afraid of everything, afraid to do anything. Now I have taken control, I have learnt who I am and what I will and won’t put up with. I have confidence in my ability as a mother and as a woman. No longer afraid to stand up for myself.”

CCHA Tenant

I had social worker after social worker, and I had given up explaining myself. I hid from my housing officer because I own so much money and felt ashamed. I was about to lose my house and my job. I just shut down, I trusted no one. It took me a long time to learn to trust Leanne but once I did my life got better. I’m no longer afraid to work with other people. I know if things get difficult, she will help me too. Kevin is lovely, too!

CCHA Tenant