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Adults and children at risk have a right to be protected from abuse. We will support tenants who have welfare concerns for their neighbours, helping you determine who to contact in these situations.

We acknowledge the value that neighbours can play in spotting behaviours and signs that might be a cause for concern. The Covid-19 pandemic has made clear the important role of neighbours and communities in looking out for people that might be vulnerable.You’re not being a ‘nosy neighbour’; reporting your genuine concerns makes you a good citizen and could prevent or stop abuse from occurring.


Remember: if you are concerned for an adult or child that might be in immediate danger, phone 999 immediately.

If you have a concern for an adult or child that might be at risk of abuse or experiencing abuse, you should report this to Cardiff Council Safeguarding teams

You can remain anonymous if desired.We would be grateful if you could also let us know so that we can ensure any required actions are taken to keep people safe.

It is always best if the person with the concern reports this directly. However, we understand that some people may not feel comfortable doing this. We are happy to support anyone with a concern and we will pass the information on to the relevant organisations. You can speak to any member of staff to report a concern.