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As part of our Reach project, we deliver the Living Life to the Full course. This course teaches a range of life skills that are based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. This course is not a substitute for therapy, it’s an active learning environment. It’s a safe space where we come together to learn from the course content and, also, from each other. #TogetherWeDo

Along the journey of life, we go through lots of highs and lows. Sometimes, life is really good. Other times, it can feel like a struggle getting out of bed every day.


Wherever you find yourself in life, LLTTF can equip you with skills, offer advice, and help you navigate the more challenging moments from a place of confidence within yourself.


The NHS recommends five key steps for positive mental wellbeing ; participants who take part in the LLTTF course are actively engaging with these five steps. (However, it’s important to remember that this is not a substitute for therapy.)

Live Life to the Full Booklets

The course get’s straight to the heart of the matter, covering topics like:

  • Why do I feel so bad?
  • I can’t be bothered doing anything
  • Why does everything always go wrong?
  • 10 things you can do to feel happier straight away

For more information, head to the official Living Life to the Full website.

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The course is delivered in small groups, and aims to improve wellbeing and resilience. It’s delivered by our Wellbeing Mentor, Jane, but also delivered by our Peer Mentors. These Mentors have been involved in our Reach project and completed the LLTTF course themselves. They have real life experience with a variety of highs and lows, and are well equipped to help others in a similar position.


If you’re interested in enrolling on a LLTTF course, or you’d like to find out more information, please get in touch with us. You can also contact Jane by emailing