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At CCHA, we are passionate about working with tenants. If you’re passionate about making a difference within your community, creating better services for yourself and other tenants, and want your ideas to be heard, you can come join the groups below.

We have plenty of ways you can get involved. You can sit on a board meeting, or get involved with Flourish.


Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we’re all meeting from home. If you’re concerned that your current technology won’t support virtual meetings…don’t be! We provide all the technology you’ll need to keep in touch (iPads, etc.)


Interested? Then get involved!



Curious? Go on - have a click through & find the one that suits you.

Can you…

  • see the bigger picture?
  • see situations from another person’s perspective?
  • courageously challenge norms and share ideas?
  • actively listen to others?
  • make a really good cup of tea or coffee?

Our Residents Panel are the main group we consult with before any changes happen here at CCHA that affect our tenants. We discuss everything from the colour of our new vans, to reviewing out complaints policy; this group give their feedback and suggestions on how to improve the things we do. They’re unafraid to call us out on what we’ve been doing wrong, and how we can put things right.

We want representatives from all ages and backgrounds on this group. It allows us to consider the widest range of people living in our properties when creating change. For example, how will the change affect a single parent? Or an older person? Or someone working full time?

Ultimately, this group will help CCHA develop strategies to move forward, support with staff recruitment, will request reviews of performance or where feedback needs investigation, and make recommendations to the Board.

What to expect…

  • The panel is made up of 10 tenants and 2 staff members;
  • A guest member of CCHA staff will present items to the panel for the group to discuss, share ideas, and provide recommendations for improvement;
  • To meet for 1.5 hours on the third Friday of each month;
  • We can provide training you feel is necessary to up-skill you in this work;
  • Plenty of tea, coffee, and biscuits to keep us going!
A panel meeting with people sat around a table and CCHA staff presenting

Do you…

  • have a keen eye that pays attention to detail?
  • enjoy focussing your efforts on one specific project as a time?
  • have an inquisitive mind that is solution focussed?
  • see yourself as a bit of a detective?
  • enjoy a puzzle book, or a good old game of Cluedo?

Our Scrutiny Panel are nicknamed our deep-sea divers as they know there’s much more beneath the surface. This group deep dives into services, really looking into how we do things and, ultimately, how we can do things better.

Our Scrutiny Panel has a rolling programme to scrutinise services with a fine toothed comb, working in partnership with all CCHA departments – from repairs, to customer services to finance – collecting information and producing factual reports to share their findings. These findings will be transformed into recommendations to take our services to the next level.

This panel is the brains of the operation, willing to leave no stone unturned and asking all the questions.

What to expect:

  • To meets once a month for 1.5 hours to discuss a specific project;
  • To be part of a lively and creative team, full of ideas and suggestions;
  • To bring your real life experiences to the table in order to come up with solutions;
  • …Of course, plenty of hot brews and biscuits to see us through!
Scrutiny Panel having their meeting online using webcams

Do you…

  • Love to have a natter with other people?
  • Prefer being outdoors?
  • Like walking around lots of different communities?
  • Have a reputation for taking the time to chat to everyone and find common ground with everyone you meet?

Our Priority Neighbourhoods are very much on the ground, walking through our estates, chatting to people, and finding out what tenants really want.

This group is a wonderful mish-mash of tenants, staff, and community members all working together. The things that are affecting you are going to be felt by the community, too, whether it’s anti-social behaviour or littering.

Priority Neighbourhoods group don’t want to guess what people in the community want, they want to¬†know what the community wants. It’s no good putting a park in a green area if the community don’t need it. This group will be on the ground, asking people what they want, and seeing what we can do to change these communities into places where people can thrive and enjoy their space.

What you can expect:

  • To bring your passion with you and invest it to create better spaces;
  • To work in partnership with staff and communities;
  • To have your ideas listened to, with no idea too big or too small!
  • To have fun, laugh a lot, and see real change;
  • …We think you know by now that tea, coffee, and biscuits are always there for us when we meet together!
A priority neighbourhoods tenant attending a housing event