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We’re fortunate to work alongside generous contractors who want to invest in communities. As a result, they donate into our Community Benefit Fund (CBF) each year.

This can be useful for communities in a variety of ways as it provides both funding and support. If there is a local community project that needs extra hands, our contractors will join us to get the job done. This could be painting a community centre, planting a garden, or litter picking in the local area. Alternatively, the funding support can also provide finances for trips away, one-off events, or ongoing clubs and groups.

People pose between two rugby posts, dressed in rugby kit, and smile directly toward the camera.

Whatever your ambitions for your community, we can help you achieve the dream. The CBF can provide support for:

  • A one-off, family friendly event for everyone in the community;
  • Starting a new, community activity (e.g. workshops, craft clubs, after-school clubs, etc.);
  • Sporting activities and initiatives (e.g. equipment, kit, one-off activities, etc.);
  • A trip to a museum, local heritage site, etc.;
  • …and many more!
A photo collage showing a garden path framed with white bricks, and people performing gardening tasks, and a brand new paved area.
How to Apply

You can download the application form below. Please bear in mind that applications will need to be returned over six weeks before you need the funding grant.

You can apply for a grant of up to £500 to fund an activity, event, or initiative that will directly benefit one of CCHA’s communities. It’s important that you consider what the benefits will be for everyone, and your application should consider how it will create a stronger sense of community. Our application form can be downloaded below, and this will provide further terms and conditions that are applicable when applying for the CBF.

If you require the application form in an alternative language or format, please send a request to us. Also, direct any questions you may have via our contact page.


CBF Application Pack


Community Benefit Fund x Mess ‘n’ Tots

Liz Palmer was new to the area of Trowbridge. She was seeking local, pre-school play provision in the area, but she realised that there was nothing available. “After moving to Cardiff from Newport and having my daughter Scarlett, I was looking for somewhere to take her where she could interact with other children and I could make new friends in the area.”



Liz approached us about hiring Trowbridge Community Centre to start her own group. We supported Liz with promoting the group through flyer distribution and social media posts. The much needed £500 donation to the CBF from CCHA’s contractor Effefftee enabled Liz to buy equipment. We also helped her in carrying out risk assessments and researching policies required to facilitate a group.



On 5th September 2017, Mess ‘n’ Tots had their first session with 12 families in attendance. By July 2018, group numbers had increased to 20 families with children aged between 1 – 3 years. The joining fee is £3.50 per family. This cost enables Liz to buy equipment, pay for hall hire, and provide free refreshments for parents and children.

Sophie from Rumney, Cardiff has been attending the group with her 18 month old daughter Ivy. Sophie said “I came to the very first session as I was feeling a little isolated. I was at home all day, with no adult company. I wanted to socialise with Ivy and meet new friends. The sessions are brilliant! I have met such a lovely group of people, Ivy has developed social skills and she looks forward to seeing her friends every week.  Before this group, Ivy wasn’t mixing with other children often enough. Now, she is much more confident in doing so – and so am I.”